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In this tutorial we are looking at the difference between a Logon User and a Non-Logon User.

A Non–Logon User is typically a User that we create as a Profile only so that we can use it for the Setting up of other Users.


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Now if I go to Maintain User


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Maintain User again


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And I use Lookup.



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Now this is only one of many Lookups available to find a User Code.


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Notice that whenever we use a routine, to find a User Code, we always get an Option to Select from all User codes

Or only from Logon User codes

Or only from Non-Logon User codes.


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Because we may end up in a big System with a whole long list of Usercodes and very often we only want to work specifically with Real Users, so then we will Select from the shorter list by just choosing from Logon Usercodes.

But when we want to include all the Usercodes that are available in the System, then of course that would be the 1st Option.

When we want to specifically retrieve a Non-Logon Usercode, then that would be the shorter list on Option 3.

So let me do that and let us have a look at these.


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Now let us see what the Non Logon Usercodes list.


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Now let us take this one, IES General User.

A Non Logon User is somebody who does not really use the System, but we Set up this User with a set of Menu Access Profiles, even Business Profiles, so that we can use that for the Setting Up of Real Users.

Especially in Profile Subscription, which we discuss in other Tutorials.


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Now note this Option here, Profile Only, Not a Real User.


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So whenever we have a Usercode that is not a Real User, that is not going to use the System as a Real User, we check this Field and we also check this Field: Suspended from Logon.


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That means that this Usercode cannot be used to Log onto the System.

However in die Menu Options that we give to this Usercode, we can use Profile Subscription and also to copy from when we want to give Access to another User.

So that is the difference between a Non-Logon User and a Real User.


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So if I look at a Real User, myself in this case, then we will notice that my Password is not Suspended at the moment. So I can Logon and also I am not listed as Profile Only.


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In other words I am a Real User.