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In this tutorial we are looking at the granting of new Passwords, Suspension from Logon and Password Roll, or forced Password Roll.


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For all of these Actions, we will choose Maintain User.


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And the first example we are going to look at is that of a New Password.

Now when do we give a New Password? 

It is so that not even the Systems Administrator, nor anybody else, can find out what somebody’s Password is. If somebody loses or forgets his or her Password, nobody can find out what that Password is.

All you can do is grant a New Password and the User can then Log On and change his or her Password again to something that only that User knows.



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So in this example I am giving John Smith a New Password and what I am typing is  “newpasswis”


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The System will of course immediately encrypt the Password and all we need to do is Update or Save the record


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The next example that we look at is that of Password Roll or Forced Password Roll.


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This action can be done for all Users at the same time, if we specify the * or asterisk.

And if we do not want to do it for all Users, at the same time, then we can select a specific User and just force a Password Roll for that one particular User.

What does Password Roll mean? It means that the next time that a User who is flagged for Password Roll, Logs On, then that User will be forced by the System, to select a New Password, before the User can continue working or doing anything else in the system.


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Just choose Next.


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Next, we look at Suspension or <UN> Suspension of a User, or Users.

When a User is Suspended from Logon, that User cannot Log onto the System.

Unless the User is again, at some point in time, <UN> Suspended.


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And here we have 3 Options. If we choose the 1st, then we can Suspend or <UN> Suspend a single User.

The System will open the User’s Master Record, with a field that we can check for Suspension, or uncheck it for <UN>Suspension.

Then we also have an Option to Suspend all Users, except Self.

This option will only be allowed to Super Users. But when this happens, you possibly have some maintenance to do, or something like that, and want to keep all Users out of the System for the time being.

And then once you have done that, only you are allowed to work with the System, or use the System, until you come and perform the <UN>Suspend All Users.  Or Unsuspend any Users that are currently Suspended.


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