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We are working with User Profile Administration and we are looking at Access Reports.

In this tutorial we are looking at the Excess Access Report. 

Before we do that, we go the User Master to look at an example to understand clearly what Excess Access is and what this Report is about.


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A User can be on Profiles Plus or Profiles Only. A User that is on Profiles Only will usually have one or more Profiles that the User Subscribes to. The idea is that on Profiles only, this User should only have Options, but All Options, but only the Options included on these Profiles that the User is Subscribing to.

Now if a User is on Profiles Plus, then the User will have all the Options on the Profiles Subscribed to, but may have additional Options.

So when we produce the Excess Access Report, that Report will include any Options that go beyond the Profiles as listed for a User.

So for a Profiles Plus User, these additional options may be valid.  For a Profiles Only User it is invalid and the User should not have any Excess Access, other than the Options already included in the Profiles.   So Excess Access refers to Options in addition to the Profiles listed.  So therefore, before we actually produce the Excess Access Report, it is a good idea to use the function to enforce the Subscription Profiles, and this we can do from the Main Access Menu.



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Of course, for any specific User, we can use the Option listed here, to generate Profile Access, and that will enforce the Access on the Profiles listed for this particular User.

We can even run the Access Excess Report from here, as we see this function, Access Excess Report.  And then it will Report only on this current User whose master record we are busy with.

The General Excess Access Report that we are going to look at next, is for one or multiple Users and not the User Only, as we see on the User Master Record, in this particular case.


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As we enter the Excess Reporting, the System is telling us that we can do it for one or for multiple Users.

And also reminds us that the concept of Excess Access describes Access to any Options, that are not present on the Profiles that the User is Subscribing to.


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Usually we would be interested in reporting on Logon Users, because those are the Users that can actually Log On and use the System and it is their Excess Access that we are usually interested in.


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So in my example I am selecting 3 specific Users that I want to see Access Excess Reporting for.



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In this part of the Report, we can see for Suzanna Lite, Applications, Actions and Options, that Suzanna has in addition to any Profiles Subscribed to.


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And here is a sample of the Options listed for Pieter.


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And these are for Gordon.

So now, having seen a Report like this, the next step may be to go and look at their Master Records and see whether these Users are on Profiles Plus or Profiles Only.

And if they are on Profiles Only, then in fact we should run the Enforce Profiles Option and that will Remove any of the Options listed on this Report for these 3 Users, because if they are on Profiles Only, then they should not have any Excess Access.

But if they are on Profiles Plus, then they may have Options in addition to the Profiles that they have.