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We are working with User Profile Administration and we are looking at the Access Reports.

In this session we are looking at the Single Option Access Report, which is different from the Option Access Report, because it reports on specific selected Options and showing all the Access to that particular Option, rather than focusing on one or a selected group of Users.


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If I want to report only on a single Menu Option and I want to see who has got Access to that on this Report, then I will fill in this prompt, where I specify the Process Key, or the Menu Description and I will use the Application Key Wild Cards as they are.


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So in this case, the result what I get, is only on this particular selected Option i.e. the Process Key  “atmast” which is the Asset Master.

That is the Menu Description.

And then the System shows me, on this Report, all the Users who have Access to this.

The Application in which they have Access to this, and the Action with which they have Access to this particular Option.

In other words, how do they arrive at this particular Option via the Menu System.


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But of course the Report can do a whole lot more than that. So I am going to do another example and this time I am going to run it for all the Options that I found in die Application called Assets.  Or Fixed Asset Register.

So then the System will list for me all the Options that are present in that Application, and for each of those Options, it will show me all the Users who have Access to arrive at the particular Option.


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So in this case, I am changing the Process Key back now to the wild cards, because I want all the Options in die Asset Application.


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And at the Application Key I specify “at” for the Assets, because that is the Application Key for Assets.

Now, of course I can find this information, if I do not know it. I can find it by looking at the Application Object itself, in Business Objects, to see what this Key is.


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And in this result, we see all the Options found in the selected Application, i.e. Assets, and for each Option we can see each User who has access to it, and the path.