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We are busy with User Profile Administration, and we are looking at Access Reports.

In this session we are looking at the Option Access Report. This is by far the most widely used of all the Access Reports, because it reveals for selected Users, or single User, in the current Data Mart, all the Access that this User has. Option, Action and Application.

In other words, the paths that lead to the Options and all the Options that the User has Access to.


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The Report can of course be performed for all Users, for all Applications in this Data Mart, or for a specific User and all Applications, or for any combination of User Code and Application Key.

In my example I am going to run all the Application Access, in other words, leave the Wild Cards for the Application, but for a specific User, i.e. “dm”  the Data Manager.


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And in this case, the result is only for the Data Manager in this particular Data Mart and the report lists each Application that ‘dm’ has Access to, with the Sub Menus or Actions and within each of these Actions, in each Application, we list all the Options that this user has Access to.


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So this is a very useful Report to reveal all the Access for selected Users of a particular User in this Data Mart, for all Applications, or for a specific Application.

And we can also use it constructively while managing Profiles, while building and constructing Profiles, to check what the Access levels is for a particular User, or for a number of Users.