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We are working with User Access Administration and we are looking at Access Reports.

In this session, we are going to look at the Action Access Report.


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We can run the Report for a selected Action, or simply for All Actions, by using the wild

Cards as I am doing.


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In the 1st column we see the Action Name or the Description.

In the next column the Key for the Action.

And then we see the Users who have Access to this particular Action in the Menu System.

And in the last column we see the Application in which this User would have Access to this particular Action.


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The interesting thing about the Actions here, is that an Action is really a signpost i.e. just a way along the path to get to an Option.

So an Action can be used for the same User in multiple Applications and we look at the Batch Reports. That is a good example of it.

Because here we can see different Users with Access to Batch Reports.

In the last column we can see that these Users have Access to Batch Reports in different Applications.  Not only in one Application.


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Right, so the Access Action Report will reveal to us which Users have Access to a particular Action, or list of Actions, that we Report on, in this Data Mart.

And in which Applications they have Access to this particular Action.