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IES Release Notes

Change / New in IES 10.33: -

@ Payroll, Agriflex
   New options for Man Cost Recoveries, at Payroll Settings, Options, Man Allo Reductions


Change / New in IES 10.32: -

@ Journals and MR for Consumption
   Strengthening of controls on Journals


Change / New in IES 10.31: -

@ Container Application
   Changes to CTOS to accommodate Stamp Duty import


Change / New in IES 10.30: -

@ Purchasing, Cash Pmt Requests
   Support for Tax line descr changes to update 'Pay from' descr


Change / New in IES 10.29: -

@ Journals, IV20067
   Support for Job Costing forced debits

@ Purchasing, MR Consume
   Support for Job Costing forced debits

@ Purchasing, Cash Pmt Requests
   Support for more Description editing, and a Flexible Approval process option


Change / New in IES 10.28: -

@ Physicals
   Work Result Recon report has been expanded with 2 additional columns for WR Qty and LF Bags.


Change / New in IES 10.27: -

@ Physicals Journals
   Machine Jnl # 3 allows decimal for Meter from / Meter to

@ Physicals Cost Recoveries
   'Undo' is not allowed for a Period that is closed (Man / Machine / Workshop)

@ Abaca Nursery
   At INSERTION, Seedbatch Out cannot be same as current Seedbatch


Change / New in IES 10.26: -

@ Payroll
  Updates to Agriflex Payroll


Change / New in IES 10.25: -

@ Journals
   Post Later Jnls report now with an expanded opton to include Dt / Cr / Amt

@ Purchasing
   Dict names for IVDISTPATCHMRR now include 'Requested by' and 'Line note'

@ Purchasing
   Metadata for PO Print now includes Store for Direct Items, also Stock

@ Physicals
   Metadata for Phys Man print includes GL name, Job name

@ Purchasing
   Order Authorizations report includes Delivery Store for each item

@ General Ledger
   GL Movement report has Doc no width expanded to 55

@ Stock
   Stock Sheet reports with Date From / To, Period From / To

@ Payroll Agriflex
   Payslip metadata includes Current Job and Job level

@ Physicals
  Workshop posting report includes names for Job / Cost type / GL / Dept names

@ Purchasing
   On screen totals for Ordered, Received, Invoiced on PO screens


Change / New in IES 10.24: -

@ Payroll
   Agri Flex payroll, multiple enhancements


Change / New in IES 10.23: -

@ Payroll
   Agri Flex payroll, multiple enhancements


Change / New in IES 10.22: -

@ Payroll
   Agri Flex payroll, multiple enhancements


Change / New in IES 10.21: -

@ Physicals
   Man Journals now with Auto Fill and 'd/' to duplicate Emp lines
   Long text description field added to Physicals Journals
   Updates to Man Attendance to support half-day counts and recon

@ Nursery Abaca
   Blocks Planted status report
   Census in Block Journal now with GL Allo to glean the Block where rejected


Change / New in IES 10.20: -

@ Physicals
   Import/Export Journals now with option to import Man Physicals journal from CSV

@ Nursery Abaca
   Seedbatch Selection report now with Seed Activity summary  


Change / New in IES 10.19: -

@ Debtors / Accounts Receivable
   Reports, Ageing, Extended Detail now with formatted CSV output option

@ Accounting Controls, Currencies
   Auto Gain/Loss adjustments for Realized and Unrealized now supports both Actual and Accrual auto adjustments
   Ledger, Creditors and Debtors preview reports supports both Actual and Accrual

@ Nursery
   New Abaca Nursery module   


Change / New in IES 10.18: -

@ General Ledger
   new datanames: -


Change / New in IES 10.17: -

@ General Ledger
   new datanames: -

Change / New in IES 10.16: -

@ Debtors
Option to disable auto FX adjustment at Debtor maint screen

@ Creditors
Option to disable auto FX adjustment at Creditor maint screen

Change / New in IES 10.15: -

@ Nursery, Planting in Main Nursery
- User now allowed to change the 'add on' quantity resulting from double seed

@ Retail and Debtors
- New function to allow use of FX Ratebook with Local Debtor Account

Change / New in IES 10.14: -

@ Purchasing, Material Request to Replenish
- Bug fix at PR link to MRR line no


Change / New in IES 10.13: -

@ Journals
- GL Journal 10350 now with MFX sync option


Change / New in IES 10.12: -

@ Physicals
- Phys Man jnl retrieval, bug fix

Change / New in IES 10.11: -

@ Purchasing
- Metadata dds-layout-51 updated to include detail Allocation GL, Job, Cost Type + Delivery   Store
- Metadata dds-layout-64 updated to include CR total and Balance total
- At PO using Buyer loads, the system will allow loading from same Req twice without duplication of Req no in print metadata
- At PR listing, PO date is now included in report
- Buyer lookup list to sort on Reqno

@ General Ledger
- Fin Reps, TB, where data selector "" is used the system will auto sense when multi currency is present and then check the MFX1 balances in addition

@ Physicals
- Phys Man jnl to apply 'only from' to access Post Later jnls

@ Cash Book
- Cash Movement, Categorised: A sort option has been added at the work page

Change / New in IES 10.10: -

@ AR Debtors

Bug fix in Report "Unmatched, Unallocated Pmts" to recognize FX accounts.

@ Cash Book

Categorised Movement Report, allowed Categories raised from 25 to max 225.


Change / New in IES 10.09: -

@ Purchasing

For PO printing, the metadata will now allow fractions, and no rounding at the end calculation, for VAT related calculations that produce results in the print metadata. The option is at "PO Controls".

For PO generated Transactions, the base description for Stock Items and Direct Items now offer up to 500 chars description length. The option is at "PO Controls". 

@ AR Debtors

New report option: Unmatched, Unallocated Pmts.

New auto sensing for Multi Currency on HTML Audit Trail.

New auto sensing for Multi Currency on CSV / Excel Audit Trail.

@ AP Creditors

New report option: Unmatched, Unallocated Pmts.

New auto sensing for Multi Currency on HTML Audit Trail.

New auto sensing for Multi Currency on CSV / Excel Audit Trail.

Change / New in IES 10.08: -

@ Stock Returns Internal
This release fixes a bug relating to Stock Returns originating from Material Request Consume

@ Accounting Controls
The "Problems" function includes a new option to reset Quick Balances easily, initiating a re-construct

@ Purchasing, Cash Payment Requests
The Approvals option now has a new Retrieval method, which is more convenient

@ Sapi Hotel
The Tag field on the Sapi Master allows a new free format of up to 7 characters

Change / New in IES 10.07: -

@ Purchasing
Progressive upgrade to Cashier Payment Requests, with optional AP allocation on any type of Payment Request.


Change / New in IES 10.06: -

@ Payroll
AgriFlex Payroll type gets 80 new Pay Codes that are name-customisable, plus customisable Payslip per instance of the Payroll type, i.e. each AgriFlex Payroll in the Datamart has it's own Payslip version.


Change / New in IES 10.05: -

@ Purchasing
MR Consume, print metadata expanded to include OH qtys and Bins (dds-layout-124)
MR Replenish, print metadata expanded to include OH qtys and Bins (dds-layout-127)

@ Journal Processing
Financial Multi Jnl print metadata expanded to include Tax types used (dds-layout-45)

@ Job Costing
Job Statement offers printing in any of listed Multi Currencies (dds-layout-20)


Change / New in IES 10.04: -

@ Journal Processing
New GL Journal 10350, Multi Local, Multi FX, Multi Sub Acct, Multi Qty, Multi FX Position, supports GLARAP with Jobs

@ Purchasing
PO Print Statistics (new option), and new privilege on PO profiles to print PO at any stage or phase
PO Indent (primary processing screen) now with GRN print option
CP Orders now allow input of Withholding Tag indicators for Direct Items allocated to GL and/or Jobs, and PO print metadata is expanded to include this.
Cash Pmt Requests upgraded to Cashier Payment Requests with Generic, AP Payment and Forced Deduction, also allows Forex.


Change / New in IES 10.03: -

@ Multi Currency processing: A bug (introduced release 10.02) relating to the processing of UNrealized gain/loss is fixed in this release.


Change / New in IES 10.02: -

@ Multi Currency processing, some soft updates are included.


Change / New in IES 10.01: -

@ Systems Administration, Global Controls, Phantom Job Result.
New indicators for daily housekeeping on Journal Retrieval (from Post Later): Fin, Phys, Nursery

@ Accounting Controls
A Business Datamart may now be set up for automatic Multi Currency processing for up to 3 additional Currencies. This is in addition to Local Currency and unlimited Linked Currencies. With auto Multi Currency processing, there is also an option for 'easy input' for 1 selected Currency where any amount in any module in the system may be input in the selected Currency and is auto translated to Local Currency.

@ Jobs
A New Bulk print option for Job Statements.

@ Purchasing, Material Request for Repair
A Number of updates to metadata.


Change / New in IES 9.71: -

@ Purchasing / Procurement
Updates to Material Request for Repair

Change / New in IES 9.70: -

@ Purchasing / Procurement
New sub module: Material Request for Repair
At PO Controls: a new switch to choose between updating of the LIFO/FIFO stack at GRV or INV point

@ Physicals
At Jnl Selection screen: a new switch to choose whether to enforce Phys Jnls ACTIVITY DATE within PERIOD


Change / New in IES 9.69: -

@ AP Creditors
Ageing Reports now include column for 'unallocated payments'

@ Purchasing
PO print metadata has the following additions -
* 12 - MR notes
* 123 - Unmodified, original Stock Code or Direct Item description
* 166 - PO Approval Date
* 167 - PO Currency Code
and modified - 
* 5 - Requisition no, now modified to be present even when no MR is linked, for Stock and Direct
* 9 - PR no, now modified to be present even when no MR is linked, for Stock and Direct
Purchase Request Item query screens have a new Print option

@ Stock
New default data selector (1 Store, non zero) for Stock Audit Trail, Format HTML
Salesreturns print now has Job Cost Type translated with Code and Name

@ Metadata
TRANSREAL, new names PO-MRC-JOB, PO-MRC-CTY and PO-MRC-GLALLO for MR Consumption allocation


Change / New in IES 9.68: -

@ Purchasing, Material Request Consume and/or Replenish
- The 'Query' option now includes a function where the User who performed a manual 'complete' can undo it
- Stock Returns can now be performed at the usual 'Stock Returns Internal' function

@ Purchasing
- Buyer's Queue listing includes new Allocation Names, Buyer's action screen includes detail Allocation
- GRV / GRN print: the metadata now includes the PO Auth Date

@ Metadata
- TRANSREAL, new name PO-MR-SUBDEP to retrieve Sub Dept on Material Request
- TRANSREAL, new name PO-PNOTES to retrieve Print Notes on the PO
- IVPARAMS, new name STORE-NAME to retrieve name of Store as opposed to Key of Store
- POREQ, new names I-ALLO-GL, I-ALLO-JOB and I-ALLO-CTY for detail allocation names
- PUREQMAIN, new names ALLO-GL, ALLO-JOB and ALLO-CTY for detail allocation names


Change / New in IES 9.67: -

@ AP Creditors
At Bulk Print screen, new option for Internal Statements

@ AR Debtors
At Bulk Print screen, new option for Open Item Debtor Statements
At Bulk Print screen, new option for generic Debtor Statements

@ PO / Procure controls
Toggle options for auto or manual Date and Period for Material Request transaction posting

@ Procurement, Material Request Consumption and/or Replenish
Now prompts by default for Period and Date at points of Transfer, Issue and Receive
Lookups at Stores Actions extended with new filters
Support for Negative Stock Rule
Support for LIFO/FIFO

@ Journal Processing
The tool for construction of auto Document number has been extended with 6 new options


Change / New in IES 9.66: -

@ AP Creditors
AP screens now have a function to produce 'Internal Statement'
A new Bulk Print screen with multiple options, e.g. Open Item Analysis, Payment Analysis

@ Purchasing, User Requsitions
'Query any Requisition' screen now has a 'Cancel' function for Approved Requisitions

@ AR Debtors
A new Bulk Print screen with multiple options, e.g. Open Item Analysis, Payment Analysis

@ Alerter
A new Set of 14 Auto Alerts at Alerter, Auto Alerts

@ Fixed Assets
At Auto Depreciation Calculation there is now an optional Debugging for 1 Asset Item

@ DocWriter
New prerun option for Date driven GL Movement reporting

Change / New in IES 9.65: -

@ Fixed Assets
Multiple Report updates


Change / New in IES 9.64: -

@ Mill
New module option for FFB Tickets, choose between Standards 1 and 2 (new).
@ Payroll
Agri Flex Payroll now supports TPH Premi when FFB Standard 2 is in use.
@ Assets
Asset Master Groups now with choice of logical 2 or 3 or 4 digits.
Asset Master Listing (generic) now with Period Mapping.

Change / New in IES 9.63: -

Not released

Change / New in IES 9.62: -

@ Stock
New Global Setting tool for Negative Stock Issues
New Average Cost Update Log per Stock Item in Store, accessible from Stock Code Enquiry

@ Purchasing
Material Request to Consume
- new Note Editing tool for editing notes after authorisation
Material Request to Replenish
- new Note Editing tool for editing notes after authorisation


Change / New in IES 9.61: -

@ Fixed Assets
At Capitalisation, new separate Tax Price field
Asset Master listing now includes consolidated values for Items on the Master

@ Consolidator
Assets Consolidation Export from Business Unit now available

@ Document Writer
New: A set of drill objects for AR / AP Accounts

@ Material Request to Replenish or Consume
At Stock Transfer Dispatch there is a new 'Post Later' function
New Name on PROCUREMRR for linked Stock Transfer Doc No (xfer-docs)
Purchase Request print has longer Stock Description
Stock Transfer Dispatch has extended metadata to include 'Requested by' and 'Line Notes'

@ Account Drills (all)
Transaction list Document No field widened to 25

@ Purchasing
At PO Controls, there is a new choice as to which lookup list to use for 'Select and Assign' of Order Items
At PO Controls, there is a new choice as to which kind of approval is required for PO Price Adjustments
At PO printing, the metadata is extended with the following: 1st Level Auth & Signature, PO printed By / date / time
At PO printing, the metadata is extended with the following: Order Unit AND Internal Unit, Order Qty AND Internal Qty
At PO Obscure Price screens there is now a GRN print option with zero price
At Cancel Proforma, Buyer Load Items will automatically be off-loaded from Proforma and restored to Buyer queue
At Buyer Activity, Restore, Buyer is offered option to off-load and restore Qty's (dependent on Buyer profile)
At Approvals section, there is a new sub system for Price Adjustment Requests for Approval

@ Creditors
At Matching, the Description and Document no fields are now wider

@ Journals
Post Later Jnl Report now includes Capture Date
Jnls Deleted Before Posting Report now includes Document No
Sales Jnl print metadata (dds-layout-50) has been extended to include Job Type & Name, while Store now includes Key and Name

@ Metadata Names
TRANSREAL gets new names PO-MR-LNOTE (MatReq Line Note) and PO-MR-REPLSTORE (MatReq Replenishment Store)
NEWPO gets new name SUPPNAME
IVPARAMS gets new name DESCR-QRY
PUREQMAIN gets new names SUPP-NAME (Supplier Name) and MR-LNOTE (MatReq Line Note)
PROCUREMRR gets new names XFER-DATE-D (date dispatched) and XFER-DATE-R (date received)

@ Movement Statements
Cash Book Categorised, Cash Book Uncategorized, GL Movement: metadata extended to include Period From, Period To

Change / New in IES 9.60: -

Consolidator extended with Sub Ledger Consolidations for Fixed Assets, Stock, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable

Currency FX Rate updates now with memo note field and "List Updates" function

Stock Report for Accrual Reconciliation, Non-zero now with optimized new options for 1 Store and multi Store

GL Trial Balance for Accrual, Non-zero now with additional optimized option

Ledger Multi Mix Journal GL10318 has new option to import multiple Jnls for Post Later queue

Stock Multi Mix Journal IV20067 has new option to import multiple Jnls for Post Later queue


Change / New in IES 9.58: -

@ Payroll
(1) New Payroll choice: Agri Flex

@ Take On
Stock Master take on will check translations between UOI and UOO 
Stock Master take on will allow multiples on UOO

@ Cash Book
(1) Report 'Cash Movement not Categorised' now includes column for Cheq / Invoice no
(2) Report 'Cash Movement not Categorised' is now multi-user
(3) Report 'Cash Movement not Categorised' max Accounts to include raised to 300
(4) Report 'Cash Movement Categorised' is now multi-user
(5) Report 'Cash Movement Categorised' max Accounts to include raised to 300

@ General Ledger, Financial Reports
(1) Report 'Movement Statement' now includes column for Cheq / Invoice no
(2) Report 'Movement Statement' is now multi-user
(3) Report 'Movement Statement' max Accounts to include raised to 300

@ Journals
(1) Journal Profile privilege to "retrieve any" has been expanded to optionally limit "any" 
to a select list of Users.
(2) New Post Later Jnl Report
(3) Doc no display on retrieval lookups is widened to 25

@ Physicals
(1) New Post Later Jnl Report

@ Purchase Requisitions
(1) Requisition that is generated from Material Request cannot be amended

@ Purchasing, Cash Payment Requests
(1) Cash Payment Accounts raised to 300
(2) Request print has extentions to metadata to include Approval Signature, Approval Date,
Request Status
(3) At final posting, the Operator may change Allocation and Tax processing, but not the Amount(s)
(4) Total Amount for Payment Request items shown throughout the screen steps
(5) All retrieval by lookup of Payment requests now include the Total Amount and a short Description
(6) On a allocation line where a Creditor is indicated, the Amount lookup will allow selection from
open Invoice Items

@ Purchasing, Cash Advance and Expense
(1) Cash Advance printing now extended to all forms in the process
(2) Expense Report printing now extended to all forms in the process
(3) Cash Advance Query, a lookup is now available
(4) Cash Accounts (payment from) max raised to 300
(5) Cash Advance Accounts max raised to 300
(6) Expense Report printing has extended metadata to include Cashier Note, Cash Account

@ Purchasing, Material Request for Replenishment
(1) The multi-line Note field now has 'long text capability'
(2) Reason Rejected is introduced

@ Purchasing, Material Request for Consumption
(1) Reason Rejected is introduced
(2) Same Stock Item can be repeated on MR

@ Stock, Control Ranges
(1) New Report "IV3010 Internal Stock Returns" with original Issue Qty and Price

@ Stock, Catalog Management
(1) New name on IVMAST called "DESCR-QRY" which presents any length Stock Description
as a single long value, suitable for Excel Query without making multi-line
(2) Report "IV4001 Catalog Print" now uses "DESCR-QRY" for long values instead of multi-line
(3) Report "IV4028 Stock Transfers" now include new colum for Material Request no

@ Stock, Stock Master
(1) System will no longer inform about redundant Supplier descriptions that are same as Stock Master

@ Stock, Stock Transfer
(1) Stock Transfer Immediate, Print option has extension to metadata to include Transaction Description

@ Metadata
(1) Transreal has new name for Purchase Request no: PO-PRQNO
(2) Transreal has new name for Material Request no: PO-MRNO


Change / New in IES 9.57: -

- Fixes a bug called "Requires Requested by" at Cash Advance.


Change / New in IES 9.56: -

- Updates to Material Request for Consumption
- New Material Request for Replenishment
- Metadata updates at Requisition, Stock Transfer Dispatch, PO Print, PO GRN/GRV

Change / New in IES 9.55: -

1) New name on One Trail Transactions (transreal, tax-amt) for implied Tax Amount
2) Stock Transfer Dispatch gets Notes feature, and a new Print option at each step
3) Material Request for Consumption now with Stock level indicators when the MR is
opened at Stores
4) Cash Advance and Expense Report posting options now include the Print function
5) New Take On options for Inventory Sub Groups and Sub Sub Groups masters
6) New Purchase Request listing by Date / Orig at User Requisitions menu

Change / New in IES 9.54: -

New Material Request cycle available at Purchasing and Stock

Change / New in IES 9.53: -

1) Procurement: New Procurement cycle, by Cash Advance and Expense Report
2) Harvesting, Oil Palm: new module


Change / New in IES 9.52: -

1) At Retail screens, a new Auto Back Order function

2) At metadata for Retail Quotations, the Catalog Sub Group detail per Item Line are included

3) At Purchase Order Processing, a new Feeder option for Landed Costs processing by Shipment

4) At Stock Transfers by Dispatch, a new function to auto populate the Transfer screen based on Shipment number


Change / New in IES 9.51: -

Exchange Rate Sensing has been upgraded, affecting all Modules that generate Transactions or Post Journals.

Change / New in IES 9.50: -

Container Operations, Extended Debit Card posting
Retail, Manual Invoice setting has a new rule, when Operator fails to provide the Invoice Number the system provides one instead

Change / New in IES 9.49: -

DocWriter, Tag to insert image: new option to derive pic name from metadata
Stock Code Enquiry, new view of Retail Sales with drill option
Sales Code link between AR Account and Retail POS screen

Change / New in IES 9.48: -

DocWriter, Tag-oper-Tag imports will update a changed Operator
Purchase Requests for Stock Items no longer allowed if Stock Item is closed
Cash Movement, new Statement option on Categorised basis
Direct printing offers 2 more printer selections: Customer Labels and Picking Slip

Change / New in IES 9.47: -

PO metadata for PO-PRINT now includes Tax Type by Line Item
Retail Quotation (standard version) now includes OHI per Stock Item
Direct printing offers 2 more printer selections: Retail Cash and non-Cash Invoices

Change / New in IES 9.46: -

New additional Audit Trail option for HTML @ Loans
New additional Audit Trail option for HTML @ AR Debtors
New additional Audit Trail option for HTML @ AP Creditors
New additional Audit Trail option for HTML @ Fixed Assets
New additional Audit Trail option for HTML @ Stock
New additional Audit Trail option for HTML @ Job Costing
New name DESCR200 at IVPARAMS for long descriptions

Shipyard enhancements

Change / New in IES 9.45: -

PLM Stock Issue, Receipt print option
New additional Audit Trail option for Excel CSV @ General Ledger
New additional Audit Trail option for Excel CSV @ Fixed Assets
New additional Audit Trail option for Excel CSV @ Stock
New additional Audit Trail option for Excel CSV @ Job Costing
New additional Audit Trail option for Excel CSV @ AR Debtors
New additional Audit Trail option for Excel CSV @ AP Creditors
New additional Audit Trail option for Excel CSV @ Loans
New additional Audit Trail option for HTML @ General Ledger
Shipyard enhancements
Physicals Jnls, Unpost rules now less stringent

Change / New in IES 9.44: -

Shipyard enhancements

Change / New in IES 9.43: -

Sapi: Sapi Master Listings with Weight options

Shipyard: English print option at DN, SN
             At Subcon DN, option to change Tax Type before posting Subcon Invoice
             At Shipy Order, Invoice, option to change Tax Type
             Subcon Usual Signatory Name now at metadata for WR, SN and DN prints
             At SN Post later (SNS, SNC), option to unload a Work Result
             At new Work Result Subcon, only Subcon registered for RL will be shown
             All Debit Note screens now with DN Total and Refresh option
             New Report @ Order level: Debit Note Summary
             At new SPK and Post Later SPK, when attaching SPKS, Select All is allowed
             At new and Post Later SN Customer, when loading Work Result, Select All           
             At new and Post Later DN Customer, when loading SN, Select All is allowed


Change / New in IES 9.42: -

Shipyard enhancements

Change / New in IES 9.41: -

- IES drills @ IES web now with longer Descriptions

- Purchasing, Buyer Report, now with Quantity Requested shown

- Names, Transreal, new name for Auth Codes (auth-name)

- Cash Payment Requests, new option to delete after Approval status is reached

- Cash Payment Requests, now with favorite Accounts to pay from (lookup plus optional restriction)

- Mill Tickets, new Report MILLTICKET-POSTED (posted Tickets from the main Ticket Source)

- Shipyard, new Progress report @ Repair List Actions

- Shipyard, enhancements to metadata for various Reports



Change / New in IES 9.40: -

Shipyard enhancements


Change / New in IES 9.39: -

New Module: Shipyard


Change / New in IES 9.38: -

New Module: Palm Oil Nursery



Change / New in IES 9.37: -

Palm Oil Estates: new Report - Estate Cost Review by TBM/TM

Palm Oil Estates: new Report - Estate Costing for Mature

Palm Oil Estates: new Report - Estate Land Progress

Palm Oil Estates: new Report - Estate Additional Planting

Palm Oil Estates: new Report - Estate Fields Upkeep Review

Stock: new Stock Sheet print options at Stock Code Enquiry and at Stock Measure Reports

Debtors, Open Item Matching: Auto match now by Document # as well as Invoice #

Debtors, Extended Ageing Detail: Now lists Doc # where there is no Invoice #

Mill, FFB Tickets: Mill Ticket processing now supports Tax IN and OUT by setting / parameters

Report Writers, Document Writer: Revision of Docwriter names for Ledger Templates


Change / New in IES 9.36: -

Oil Palm Estates: New Report - Estate Man Job Statistics

Journals, Transaction edit: now allows editing of Transaction Date

Reporting, Data Source Names: New names on Requisition Items source (PUREQMAIN) - MAINRNO-DATE-AUTH, MAINRNO-ORIGIN, MAINRNO-NAME

Reporting, Data Source Names: New names on Purchase Orders source (PORDER) - OP-ALLO-DESCR, CP-ALLO-DESCR

Reporting, metadata for Stock Sales Journal now includes the AUTH Code

Purchasing, new PO: new setting on User Purch Profile to force PO submission to include ONLY Items ex Requisition cycle

Payroll, Agri Flex: New Tax Deduction parameter by Employee Tax Status

Cheque Printing: New re-print option at Cheque number enquiry

Report Warehouse: GL Quick Reports now with HTML settings and Period Mapping option

Purchasing: new Cash Payment Request system


Change / New in IES 9.35: -

Stock, Stock Counts: Stock Sheet printing now with 3 options - Report, Printer Direct and Export.

Report Writing: New names on Transreal - Jdt-name, Jcr-name, Jedt-name, Jecr-name (Job and Costype DT/CR)

Journals, Life for unposted journals - Max setting raised from 30 to 90 days

Ledger Names: New name for KPI Life to Date (KPI-LTD)

Oil Palm Estates, Fieldmaster: (a) Changes to Mature automatically when 1st Harvest Date is entered (b) New GL Accounts  options for Life to Date Planting of Hectares (KPI) and for Harvest Measurement in Tons (Resource).

Oil Palm Estates: New Report - Estate Fertilizer Consumption (Physical)

Oil Palm Estates: New Report - Estate Costing: Land Clearing, Upkeep, Infrastructure (Financial)

Oil Palm Estates: New Report - Estate Overhead Costs (Financial)



Change / New in IES 9.34: -

Purchasing, Controls:  New option to switch PO Writer Log on or off

Palm Oil Estates: New Report – Road Infrastructure

Palm Oil Estates: New Report – Upkeep, Sanitation, Pruning

Journals (Multi, Financial): Metadata for printing expanded with separate fields for Job names and Cost Type names

Journals (Multi, Stock): Metadata for printing expanded with separate field for the new optional Transaction description

Docwriter, Transreal Names: Jdt-cl, Jedt-cl, Jcr-cl & Jecr-cl now with name conversions


Change / New in IES 9.33: -

DocWriter, Tag Exec change en masse function

DocWriter, Tag Export/Import for templates 51,7,2 now support updating of Sub Acct Lock

Purchasing, Requisitions, new dataname for UNIT on file POREQ

Purchasing, Auto GRV numbering has been changed from date dependent per PO to sequential global number

Purchasing, new Name PO-PROJTAG on the Transaction Trail (TRANSREAL) for PO Project Tag

Purchasing, PO and new PO lookups have been expanded to accommodate long PO numbers & PO status

Purchassing, multi-level authorisation indicators now on all central PO screens for Pre and Post authorisation

Purchasing, Requisitions and Requests, the Purchase Request Profile has a new option to deny price input by the User

Purchasing, Requisitions, where new Requisitions not yet saved have a print option

Purchasing, New PO, When Tax Type or Supplier is changed, the system unloads and restores to queue any Requisition items already loaded

Personnel, Employee Master, new option to easily publish Employee and Family pictures

Creditors, Open Item Detail report now includes column for Days (Age)

Journals, Lookup of saved Journals, with Profile = 'allow any' you may now choose between Self/Any/Select User

Journals, Journal Prints, metadata extended with Cheque no, Job and Cost Type descriptions where applicable

Journals, Stock Issue Jnls 20065/66/67 now with optional replacement Transaction Description per line

Journals, Stock Issue Jnls 20065/66/67 now with Store lookup showing availably qty per Store


Change / New in IES 9.32: -

01) Cash Book: New Cash Movement statement to complement Cash Flow Statement and Cash Watch Projections

02) General Ledger: New Multi GL Movement Statement, date driven, at Financial Reports section




Change / New in IES 9.31: -

01) Physicals, Machine Journal, Meter From/To  has been reverted from time based to numeric

02) New Application: Sapi Hotel



Change / New in IES 9.30: -

01) Purchasing, GRN print: metadata expanded to include PO unit, unitprice & qty in addition to Transaction equivalents

02) Purchasing, PO print: metadata corrected for ‘single long line’ setting for Order Item descriptions




Change / New in IES 9.29: -

01) Physicals: new report - Man Attendance Recon

02) Physicals: new report - Man Work Result Recon

03) Physicals: new report - Machine Prestasi Unit Recon

04) Purchasing, GRN print: metadata expanded to include Originator name

05) Purchasing, PO print: metadata expanded to include Originator name

06) Purchasing, Requisition print: metadata expanded to include UOM and Motivation

07) Jobs, Master: limit for Cost Types on a Job increased to 999

08) Jobs, Master listings: new option for Master Jobs

09) Jobs, Take on: Job Type take on expanded to include detail set up

10) Estates Management: new report - Estate Area Statement

11) Easier Picture uploads at Stock Master and Sapi Master




Change / New in IES 9.28: -

01) Journals, Receipt printing: Adjusted for clear separation between Currency and Amount.

02) General Ledger: New names for Prior Year comparisons on TB and other reports – Current, Year to Date, Accrual Current, Accrual Year to Date, FX Current, FX Year to Date, all with Prior Year names.

03) General Ledger, Trial Balance options: new option added for Current vs Prior Year.

04) Account drills: Transaction listings now with prominent Resource and KPI summaries to the right of Financials, and Transaction detail drill with KPI indicator now at front page.

05) Physicals, extensions and enhancements: -

   - Man Work Result types with new functions to auto post Resource or KPI

   - Machine Performance Units with new functions to auto post Resource or KPI

   - new Trial Balance report for Resources, and another for KPI

   - new Names in the General Ledger dictionary for Estate and Division

   - new Day Audit Trail for Resource posting

   - new Day Audit Trail for KPI posting

   - new Period Audit Trail for Resource posting

   - new Period Audit Trail for KPI posting

   - new Posting Detail report for Resource posting

   - new Posting Detail report for KPI posting

   - new Shortcut set up for Recovery Accounts for Man / Machine / KPI by Cost Center

   - Custom delete options for Resources master, KPI master, Resource Class master



Change / New in IES 9.27: -

01) Journals, Stock Returns IV20120: (a) Deal lookup with Job method in addition (b) with Post Later function added (c) with DocWriter printout added.

02) Journals, Stock Surplus IV20130: now with Post Later option, and DocWriter print.

03) Journals, Stock Shortage IV20140: now with Post Later option, and DocWriter print.

04) Journals, Multi Tax GL10500: now with Post Later option, and DocWriter print.

05) Journals, Multi mixed GL10317 / GL10318 / GL10336: now with Cheque number processing option.

06) Journals, Multi journals that include Debtor credit transactions: all linked to auto Open Item matching prompts.

07) Journals, Stock Issues and Returns (all): Qty lookup provides formula to derive Kg weight for Steel plates.

08) Stock Report, Stock Measure: Stock Consolidated Totals IV7016 now with Period mapping.

09) Purchasing, Goods Received: (a) Item(s) received have an added Note option for condition of goods or other (b) GRN print includes Line Item note.

10) Purchasing, Purchase Requests: (a) new option for Request statuses for Requisitions (b) Requisition print with option for formatted DocWriter print (c) Requisition screens and prints now show 'On Hand' qty for Stock Items.

11) Purchasing, PO Auths: Multi level PO authorisation added.



Change / New in IES 9.26: -

01) Report Writers, Document Writer: Template "Numeric from Data Source" has been added to export/import list for ease of mass changes.

02) Stock, Stock Master: Unit of Order has been raised to new maximum of 99 per Stock Item.

03) Report Writers, Document Writer: Updated for new standard Chart library for IES Client and IES Web.

04) Standard Print upgrades: The following prints have been upgraded to DocWriter, for ease of customisation - Manufacture Quotation, Financial Multi Journals (all), Stock Issue Multi Journals, Physicals Journals for Man, Machine, KPI and Workshop.



Change / New in IES 9.25: -

01) Stock, Shorts and Surps journals: Quantity now with 4 decimals.

02) Journals, Accounting General: Designer Journal now includes Forex Ordered and Forex Committed.

03) Physicals, Man Journal: Printing adapted for wider display of Work Result total.

04) Report Writers, Document Writer: New capability to perform a Quick Report and return the result as a Data Source record, so that a standard Unit can be performed on the result.



Change / New in IES 9.24: -

01) Physicals, Daily Work Report: Additional Names for Gang and Supervisors.

02) Stock, Consumption Report: New Report IV4029 for Stock Consumption on Agri Blocks.

03) Stock, Internal Sales and Consumption Reports: Names extensions for Activity, Transaction Date, Block, Document, Store.

04) Payroll, Agri Flex: Support for half day pay on Pay Code 984 for Daily Basic paid Employees.

05) Physicals, Employees on Actvities Register: Support for Employee Location, also included at lookups.

06) Report Writing, DocWriter: Extended support for remaining numeric Names for Ledger Master on Multi Rule Template, for Sub Account lock.



Change / New in IES 9.23: -

01) Export Trade: Flexi Customs (Caricom), flexi AR Invoice posting, and a series of additional enhancements.

02) Payroll: Harvest premi revisited re Block & Block plant year komidal and basis borong.

03) Reports, Data selection: User filter corrected on Transaction Data selection for some contexts.

04) Mill Bids: Mill Bids price fields width increased.

05) Fixed Assets: Take On for Declining Balance Asset Items.

06) Payroll: Payroll Agri Flex, will no longer allow run period = 0.



Change / New in IES 9.22: -

01) Payables / Creditors, Names: New name "cbti-bf" for Accrual Brought Forward (Month).

02) Quick Writer: Revision of HTML version on aspects of Repeat Value suppression, and Breaks.

03) Purchasing: PO Notes prior options now expanded with additional Notes Lines among Stock Item List.

04) Purchasing, Buyer Activity: Revision and upgrade of "Request for Quotation" (RFQ) system.



Change / New in IES 9.21: -

01) Mill, Sales Contracts: Pmts vs Deliv Report adjusted for columns affected by Goods Return.

02) Mill, FFB Tickets: Auto removal of orphan / reversed Tickets from Posted Tickets Report.

03) Decimal Display: Adjusted to 4 decimal places where accuracy is > 2 decimals, e.g. Mill Contract price, PO price(s), Stock Qty Issues, Interest Rates, etc.

04) Physicals, Groups and Gangs: Adjusted ease of deleting Employees from the list.

05) Purchasing, PO printing: Adjusted for choice of (a) Approval or (b) Current state of PO.

06) All Accounts, Transaction Export: Adjusted for showing correct Contra Account for each Transaction into Spreadsheet.

07) Stock, Order History Report: New, upgraded version of this Report.

08) Physicals, Fieldmaster: Now with capacity to record history of Block Size changes.

09) Physicals, Fields Management Reports: New Daily Work Report.

10) Fixed Assets, Depreciation: Method for depreciation by Declining Balance, also called Double Declining.

11) CMMS, Planned Maint: Expected Completion date from Event now also showing at Dashboard.

12) CMMS, Planned Maint: New Repeat Triggers for rescheduling on Meter and/or Date increment parameter.

13) Developers, Document Writer: Period Driven Commments template now supports Period Mapping.

14) Developers, Quick Writer: New support for suppression of repeat values on columns, since last break.



Change / New in IES 9.20: -

01) Container Port Operations: Intuitive option for Port Ops week-based Customer Statement at Debtors.

02) Payroll, Clocking and Shifts: New Show/Select option at Non-stop Shift enquiry.

03) Cash Book, Bank Recons: Enhanced line editing at Bank Page capture.

04) Reports: Intuitive memory for Report execution re format (report/query) and file format choice (txt/html).



Change / New in IES 9.19: -

01) Payroll, Man Cost Recoveries: Auto Recoveries enhanced to recover from multiple Payrolls.

02) IES Cloud: Support for direct printing, where Printer commands are automatically converted to HTML output.



Change / New in IES 9.18: -

01) Multi-lingual interface: Option to auto publish to multiple Datamarts.

02) Currency Management, Gain/Loss Adjuster: GL Master now with flag to inhibit auto adjustment per Account.

03) Payroll: New Payroll type 03, Agri Flex.



Change / New in IES 9.17: -

01) One Trail ("transreal"), Access Names: New names for PO Transactions e.g. Purch Req related.

02) Administrator Support: New Tool for resolving issues with Multi Jnl at Accounting Controls, Support options.

03) Mill Stock Transactions: New 'Post Later' functions at 'Qty Only' options.

04) IES Cloud service: New option to publish pdf documents at Report Warehouse.



Change / New in IES 9.16: -

01) Ledger, Access Names: New names for Actual, Committed, Accrual and Physical for Brought Forward Balances for Current Month and Year, dynamic as per Period selection.



Change / New in IES 9.15: -

01) Report Writers, DocWriter / WebWriter: Metadata for Mill Sales Invoice now includes Tax Date range at field 71.

02) Mill Sales & Bids: (a) Now include Custom Options menu. (b) Delivery Report adjusted re "To date deliveries".

03) Mill FFB: (a) Daily Physical Stats expanded with measurements on CPO Stock. (b) DPR Report with various adjustments.

04) General: Screen revisions for IesCloud.



Change / New in IES 9.14: -

01) Report Writers, DocWriter / WebWriter: Template for PIC insert now support auto substitution when specifying "/logo" to pick up the current Company logo.

02) Report Writers, DocWriter / WebWriter: Template for Data Streamer now supports (a) Sorting with direct selection criteria and (b) Data Selector usage.



Change / New in IES 9.13: -

01) Accounting Modules, Transaction Drills: Revised to include more detail of parameters and data values on Transactions.

02) Mill, Bids and Sales: Sales Recon Report with amended indicator for Payment matching (rus-doc-pmt).

03) Mill, Daily Production Report: Now inclusive of Pemakaian Shell, JJK and Fibre use, Today and YTD. Mill Stock Journals for Qty Only have an additional flag to select Adjustment reason.



Change / New in IES 9.12: -

01) Report Writers, DocWriter: Export/Import of Tag Templates expanded with "Tag Oper Tag", "% Variance", "Total from Other Tags" and "Tag % Tag".

02) Distribution: ODP Delivery Note reprint now available at "Manage Order".



Change / New in IES 9.11: -

01) Export Trade: Various Extensions.

02) Purchasing: PO Notes extended to Print Notes, Internal Notes, Line Notes.

03) Purchasing: Enhanced editing option for authorized PO's, of non-financial values.



Change / New in IES 9.10: -

01) Mill, Oil Palm: Mill Bidding and Sales system extensions.

02) Mill, Oil Palm, FFB: Multiple extensions to FFB processing.



Change / New in IES 9.09: -

01) Mill, Oil Palm: Mill Bidding and Sales system (all new).



Change / New in IES 9.08: -

01) Report Writers, DocWriter: (a) Tag Drilling enabled, (b) Tag Scaling extended, (c) Scaling implemented for "Tag/Oper/Tag".

02) Report Writers, DocWriter: Metadata extended for (a) Delivery Notes, with Sales and Origination Codes and Names, (b) Purchase Orders, with Unit Values offered correct up to 6 decimals.

03) Report Warehouse: Extended for publication and viewing of PDF documents.



Change / New in IES 9.07: -

01) Report Writers, DocWriter: Export Tag Templates (Accounts and GL Numeric results) for mass editing then re-import.

02) Report Writers, DocWriter: Numeric Tag Templates force zero when result is null.

03) Data Selection, Transreal: New names "ldt-odds" and "lcr-odds" to select Transactions on the basis of Master Account debit or credit.



Change / New in IES 9.06: -

01) Purchasing, PO printing: New switch for the Item descriptions on the metadata, to deliver as a single long string or as multi-valued.

02) Journal Processing, Multi Journals: Auto-save and retrieve, Authority Code rules and Journal Financial and Issues limits expanded to specialist Mjnl options that did not support this before.

03) System Set up: GL Accounts import now support Forex Accounts and Types other than "L".

04) System Set up: AR and AP Accounts import now support the "Category" flag for take on.

05) System Set up: Customer Categories register now initialises all except default system Categories at set up.

06) Systems Administration: User Logon status report now indicates number of sessions per User and Total Sessions.

07) AR Debtors and AP Creditors: All Data Selectors for Trial Balance Report options now include the Category flag for selection.

08) Job Master, Asset Master, Asset Item Master, Stock Master: Now all include a validated "Delete Account" option at the Masterfile update screen options.

09) Cash Book: Recon Print has been re-designed as a HTML Report.

10) AP Creditors: Auto Matching has been improved with additional options for more productive matching (fewer clicks).

11) Purchasing: Requisition Profile has been extended to control access to the Stock and Direct Item request streams.

12) Retail: Invoice Number has been extended with new options like "Manual", "Manual Confirm" and "Pool" in order to use pre-defined series of Invoice Numbers issued by the Tax Office.

13) Journal Processing: Now with extended options for structured auto Doc number lookup.



Change / New in IES 9.05: -

01) Accounting Controls: Annual P+L Posting, now with choice of Actual/Accrual plus Undo option.

02) Export Trade: Workflow enhancements.



Change / New in IES 9.04: -

01) AP Creditors: Templates for opening of new Accounts, 'on the fly' opening of new Accounts.

02) AR Debtors: Templates for opening of new Accounts, 'on the fly' opening of new Accounts.

03) Export Trade: New Application module.



Change / New in IES 9.03: -

01) System Business Objects, Report Writers: DocWriter and WebWriter Tag Templates, Runtime Value tag templates now support 'total for use by other tags'.

02) Stock Management, Operational Settings: Stock Delay indicators now optional to use (previously forced).

03) General Ledger, Ledger Master Names: New name for "Block Plant Year".



Change / New in IES 9.02: -

01) System Business Objects, Report Writers: DocWriter and WebWriter Tag Templates with multi-line selection criteria now also supports an embedded Data Selector.

02) System Business Objects, Report Writers: DocWriter and WebWriter with new Tag Template for Program Call, together with runtime and tag values.

03) Consolidator: Mapping Validation report has been expanded to deal with multi-step multi-link mapping.

04) Physicals: Machine Journal now supports Job Allocation (Job on Job) in addition to straight GL Allocation.



Change / New in IES 9.01: -

01) System Business Objects: Dictionaries, "copy to many Datamarts" function added to Dict Manager.

02) System Business Objects: DocWriter, WebWriter - Templates with multi criteria selection now support brackets on selection criteria for complex selection (fully described in the Help).



Change / New in IES 9.00: -

01) System Business Objects: Equate Dictionary is now (User) selective.

02) General Ledger, Dictionary Names: LEDGERMAST and GLSUBS with NAMES additions: Months 1 through 13 for COMMITTED and ACCRUAL.